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Spread the passion for
a healty and active lifestyle.

Thanks to our team’s distinct backgrounds, specialization, and approaches,
we come up with diverse solutions that help users lead a healthy life.
Do you want to help us reach more people and spread a healthy and active lifestyle? Join our team!

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Our benefits

VIABZ promotes a healthy and active lifestyle within your company. We help avarage employees to improve their health and increase their engagement.

This results in measurable benefits for your company.

Less sick days

Healthy employees are less prone to health related absences. Reducing sick days can save up to 8'000 CHF per employee per year.

Increased engagement

Corporate wellbeing initiatives increase the engagement of your workforce. Employees are motivated and more productive.

Improved employer branding

Being a great employer pays off in the fierce fight for talent. Corporate wellbeing initiatives can help you stand out from the crowd and hire the best employees.

Reduced turnover

Employees that are feel taken care of are less prone to leaving the company. Increasing employee retention and reducing turnover can save up to 300'000 CHF per year.

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