VIABZ Services

Our mission: establishing active and healthy lifestyles in hybrid work environments.

Engage your employees with fun activities and improve their wellbeing to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. Our services are designed for a hybrid work environment. No matter if your employees work from the office, from home or in remote setups. We provide inclusive solutions for all employees and fitness levels.

And the best part: it requires a minimal effort from your side! Let us take care of all organisational aspects and the communication. Additionally, you get data-based reports about the impact of our services regularly.


Engaging fitness classes that keep your employees healthy and active

With VIABZ Sports your company gets its own digital corporate gym. Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Core workouts, or guided meditation – everything you can think of, we have it. Your employees can engage with our coaches in one of 15+ live classes weekly. Additionally, they can exercise whenever their schedule allows it with one of 400+ on-demand workouts. Simple, fast, and effective.

Daily live classes
All around your workday
Interactive coaching
Get feedback and talk to your coach
Do it everywhere
Suitable for the hybrid work environment
Always available
400+ workouts on demand
For everyone
Classes for all fitness levels
Powerful or calm
Train coordination of body and mind
Find peace and clarity
Stretching & Mobility
Improve flexibility and body awareness
Strong back
Healthy posture and stability in everyday life
Core Fit
Develope a stable body center
Varied, effective full-body workout
Leg Bums Tums
Improve endurance, strength and body coordination
Full Body Fit
Activate your metabolism


Be active together and strengthen your team spirit

You want to strengthen your teamspirit and build a health culture in your company? Then the VIABZ Challenge is the right fit for you! In an engaging 4-weeks program your employees compete in teams of four against each other to become the most active team of the company. At the same time, all teams jointly collect points for your company in the battle for the most active company of Switzerland.

Healthy culture
Support the development of a healthy work environment
Guided workouts for beginners
Engage all employees
Regardless of their fitness level and location
Team building with fun
Empower your teams to grow together
Reward engagement
Participants can win team and individual prizes


Interactive expert webinars covering a diverse range of wellbeing topics

With the monthly expert webinars from the VIABZ Academy, your employees get insights into different wellbeing topics and can extend their knowledge individually. The talks cover the fields Exercise & Wellbeing, Mental Health, Hybrid Workplace and Health Specials.

Every month
Inspirational insight into latest knowledge
Practical health tips
Adaptable for everyday life
Interactive sessions
Opened for personal questions and discussions
Top speakers
Sharing their expert knowledge
Guided workouts for beginners
Minimal effort
Let us take care of organizational aspects & communication
Health literacy
Provide guidance for a healthy lifestyle


Bring your Workplace Health Management to a new level with VIABZ Advice

Based on our hands-on experience we support your organisation to build up your workplace health management (WHM). A systematic WHM impacts:


Healthy employees are more productive


Happy employees will be loyal to your company


WHM can increase the innovation power of a company.


Create a great worklplace, where everyone wants to work at.


Strengthen the image of your company and win the fight for talent.


WHM can reduce employee turnover.

Sick days

Active employees are less often sick and will create less health-related costs.

Holistic Approach
Increase wellbeing with a systematic WHM
Proven quality
Implement methods developed by Health Promotion Switzerland
Do it everywhere
At home, outside or in the gym
Shared responsibility
Involve all employees, not only Management and HR
Sustainable Outcome
Build a health-oriented corporate culture and excel your performance
How we can support you
Analysis of your existing WHM System and related activities
Identification of opportunities to improve your existing WHM system
Development plans
Creation of individual development plans to systematically improve your WHM
Guided workouts for beginners
Guidance along the development and redirection of your WHM systems
HR processes
Analysis of your HR processes and regulations to allow perfect interlinkage to your WHM
WHM concept
Designing your individual and holistic WHM concept from A-Z

This is VIABZ

Holistic Approach
to Health & Corporate Wellbeing.