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Health simply implemented

Offer your employees a variety of webinars for a healthier lifestyle with a minimal effort on your side.
Your employees are the most important ressource for your company.

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Relevant health topics from all areas

Our webinars cover all relevant and current topics in health promotion. In this way, your employees gain insight into various topics and can individually expand their knowledge.

Exercise & Wellbeing

Increase your health literacy and raise your awareness and personal responsibility

Mental health

Your path to a balanced and fulfilled life

Hybrid workplace

Your health-oriented workplace design and organization

Health Specials

Everything about current health trends and other health topics

Online Trainings

How it works

Qualified experts

Our speakers are experts in their field and answer the questions of the participants.

Monthly workshops

Every month, we offer your employees exciting input on various health topics.

Simple implementation

We take the burden off your shoulders and take care of the preparation & implementation.

Practical health tips

Our speakers provide practical input that can be easily integrated into everyday work.

Sustainable health

The presentations are structured for different interest groups. Thanks to regular interactions a long-term behaviour change is achieved.

Basic knowledge with deepening

During the webinars the experts cover the basic knowledge which can be individually deepend with extensive offers.

Rely on our experience

" The VIABZ Academy is in tune with the times and the employees found it exciting. Working with VIABZ is personable and uncomplicated." 

- Fabienne Hugener, Centris AG

Over 25 webinars per year

In addition to the monthly VIABZ Academy, we support companies on request with webinars covering specific topics.

1000+ participants

More than 1000 employees have already taken part in the VIABZ Academy webinars.

High satisfaction rate

87% of the participants rate the VIABZ Academy webinars as good or very good.

Useful and adaptable tips

91% of the participants learnt something for their everyday life.


Get to know the speakers from the VIABZ Academy! In the monthly webinar, they report on the latest findings from their respective fields and offer users useful health and wellbeing tips for everyday life.

Astrid MeierAstrid Meier

Astrid Meier

Psychologist, Transformation Coach, Breathwork and Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher
Anita Jetzer Anita Jetzer

Anita Jetzer

Certified Breath Coach, Clarity Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga teacher, Holistic Health Coach
Benjamin SignerBenjamin Signer

Benjamin Signer

Bachelor o. A. Nutritional Counseling
Christof ZellwegerChristof Zellweger

Christof Zellweger

Mindfuck and Life Coach
Daniela GrellaDaniela Grella

Daniela Grella

Dipl. gestalt-pedagogical and systemic consultant/coach, ritual designer, certified resilience consultant/coach, EMDR and hypnosis coach
Dr. med. Dr. phil. Anna Margareta EratDr. med. Dr. phil. Anna Margareta Erat

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Anna Margareta Erat

Specialist for general internal medicine
Dr. Sonja PeteranderlDr. Sonja Peteranderl

Dr. Sonja Peteranderl

Psychologist FSP, Sports Psychologist, Fitness Instructor
Evi GiannakopoulosEvi Giannakopoulos

Evi Giannakopoulos

Expert for resilience and stress management, life balance and empowerment
Konrad WiesendangerKonrad Wiesendanger

Konrad Wiesendanger

Ergonomist, complementary therapist, coach and architect
Lisa JonesLisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Health Coach and Mental Health Consultant
Lea PittsLea Pitts

Lea Pitts

Yoga teacher
Lic. Phil. Daniela Janssen-MüllerLic. Phil. Daniela Janssen-Müller

Lic. Phil. Daniela Janssen-Müller

Somnologist and Psychotherapist FSP
Mark MoserMark Moser

Mark Moser

Consultant and lecturer for intercultural competences
Nilan FernandoNilan Fernando

Nilan Fernando

Bachelor o. A. Nutrition counselling
Patrick BenzPatrick Benz

Patrick Benz

Triathlete, Running Coach
PD Dr. med. Rosita NeumannPD Dr. med. Rosita Neumann

PD Dr. med. Rosita Neumann

Specialist in neurology and sleep medicine SGSSC
Sandra Schwendener Sandra Schwendener

Sandra Schwendener

Psychologist, expert in stress, relaxation and mindfulness
Tracy HanniganTracy Hannigan

Tracy Hannigan

Qualified Sleep Therapist, recognised by the Society of Behavioural Sleep Medicine
Vanessa FreiVanessa Frei

Vanessa Frei

Psychologist and PhD student in Computational Neuroscience of Speach and Hearing

This is VIABZ

Holistic Approach
to Health & Corporate Wellbeing.

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