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Be active together and strengthen your team spirit

Collect active minutes as a team and compete against each other. Inclusive for all fitness levels.
The VIABZ Challenge is the perfect WHM initiative to address the topic of exercise and health in your company.

In an exciting four week challenge, your employees compete in teams of four to become the most active team in your company. This not only strengthens team spirit and company-wide engagement, but also leads to a sustainable change in activity behaviour.

Why systematic occupational health management is important for all companies

Our webinars cover all relevant and current topics in health promotion.
In this way, your employees gain insight into various topics and can individually expand their knowledge.

Increases the productivity of your employees

Increase your health literacy and raise your awareness and personal responsibility

Reduces absences due to illness

Dein Weg zu einem ausgeglichenen und erfüllten Leben

Reduces the risk of burnouts

Everything about current health trends and other health topics

Strengthens employee loyalty

Your health-oriented workplace design and organization

Improves the image of your company

Your health-oriented workplace design and organization

Everything is easier in a team

To increase the participant's motivation and engagement, your employees do the VIABZ Challenge in team of four. The goal is to become the most active team in the company. At the same time, all teams collect points for you company to become the most active company in Switzerland.

This creates team dynamics not only within but also between teams and promotes company-wide engagement.

15 minutes every day

The goal of the VIABZ Challenge is to complete an physical activity of at least 15 minutes every day. The participants can chose any activity that promotes their wellbeing. This lowers the barrier to participate and makes it possible for all employees to successfully participate in the VIABZ Challenge.

We help you track the success

At the end of the VIABZ Challenge, we present you a data-based report to measure the effectiveness of this WHM intervention. VIABZ will provide you with team and individual prizes to reward your employees’s engagement over the past four weeks.

Proven quality

We are guided by the BGM quality criteria of "Health Promotion Switzerland". We link and harmonize these with existing HR activities and base it on findings from People Analytics.

Sustainable success

The goal is to create a health-oriented corporate culture in which people enjoy working, take care of each other, develop their talents and thus achieve outstanding performance.

What we can do for your company

Analysis of existing BGM systems and activities

Our speakers are experts in their field and answer the questions of the participants.

Development of recommendations for the improvement of the existing BGM
Creation of development plans for the further development of BGM
Analysis of HR processes, HR activities and HR regulations for the best possible interplay with your BGM
Support in the development and realignment of BGM
Development of customized holistic BGM concepts

Online Trainings

It is effective

Higher motivation

75% of the participants felt an increased motivation to be active on a regular basis.

Employer branding

96% of the VIABZ Challenge participants appreciate this initative of their employer.

Let's do it again

93% of the employees who participated would do the VIABZ Challenge again.

This is VIABZ

Holistic Approach
to Health & Corporate Wellbeing.

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