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Engaging fitness classes for your employees

Help your employees stay active with a professional and engaging sports programm. VIABZ Sports allows you to reach employees of all fitness levels. The combination of live classes, on-demand workouts and on-site trainings provides you with an inclusive solution for excercise promotion in a hybrid work environment. With us, everyone will find the right workout.

Promote the positive qualities of active employees

VIABZ promotes a healthy and active lifestyle within your company. We help employees of all fitnesslevels to improve their health, while increasing their engagement. This results in measurable benefits for your company.

Less sick days

Healthy employees are less prone to health related absences. Reducing sick days can save up to 8'000 CHF per employee per year.

Increased engagement

Corporate wellbeing initiatives increase the engagement of your workforce. Employees are motivated and more productive.

Improved employer branding

Being a great employer pays off in the fierce fight for talent. WHM initiatives can help you stand out from the crowd and hire the best employees.

Reduced turnover

Employees that are feel taken care of are less prone to leaving the company. Increasing employee retention and reduces turnover can save up to 300'000 CHF per year.

Train everywhere and any time

Online Trainings

Our online trainings are your digital company gym. Reach your employees whether they work in the office, from home or remote.
Offer them an attractive and easy way to implement activity into their daily lives.

Live Training

From yoga and pilates, to full body fit and HIIT, our coaches provide an engaging workout experience for all fitness levels. Because these workouts are live, our coaches can interact directly with participants and give them important feedback.

On-Demand Training

For those who have an irregular schedule or simply missed a workout, we offer more than 400 workouts of different intensity and duration on our on-demand platform.

Back in the office

On-Site Trainings

Do you want workouts for your employees right at your company's location? Or you even have a small gym that could use some new life? We send our coaches to your company where they train your employees in small groups.

For companies without special infrastructure

Even without special infratructure we will find a good solution for your company. Our trainings take place outdoors or can be held in large meeting rooms. We also support you in transforming your empty meeting rooms into an exercise room.

For companies with a sports room

Do you need help setting up a sports room or is your equipment gathering dust? Do you want to offer guided training sessions and allow your employees to use your gym safely? Looking after a sports room often requires a lot of administrative work - we'll be happy to help.


Whether it's a quiet yoga session or an intense HIIT workout, we have coaches to suit all needs. The VIABZ coaches score with experience, excellent education and a lot of verve. Visit a VIABZ class and experience it for yourself!



Head Coach VIABZ


Pilates, Bodytoning


Functional, Strength, CrossFit


Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork


Yoga, Meditation


Full Body Fit, HIIT, BBP


HIIT, Core Fit, Bodyfit


Yoga, Meditation


BBP, HIIT, Bodytoning


Core Fit,Full Body Fit, HIIT


Functional, Strength, CrossFit




Core Fit, Functional Training

Our workouts

To get a feeling for the great diversity of workouts we offer at VIABZ you can check out some workout videos below.

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