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My Name is Anna and I was born in Zurich. Since I was a child I enjoyed moving in any way. As a figure Skater I participted in Swiss championships several times. A little later I discovered my passion for classical ballet. At the Zurich Dance Academy, I did my education to become a certified ballet and contemporary dancer. With my federal diploma of vocational education and training in my pocket, I got a job at the teatro principal in Palma de Mallorca. Due to an injury I finally got into fitness. During my education as a fitness trainer, ambition grabed me also in this sport and two years later I qualified myself to the Swiss championship of natural bodybuilding in the category bikini fitness.

In recent years I have gained a lot of experience with a wide range of customers in dfferent gyms. Since last year I have been working as a freelance personal trainer and I have continued my education in various group fitness classes such as fuctional training, bodytoning, bootcamp and barreconcept. In my classes you will get to know your body in a completly new way, learn to work very precisely and last but not least, have a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward seeing you!

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