Head Coach VIABZ


Sport is my absolute passion and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with people through my job. I was active as a competitive athlete in cycling and took part in international competitions. At the age of 21 I decided against professional sports and wanted a different challenge. After a time out abroad, I discovered group fitness for myself. I have been working as a group fitness trainer for more than 7 years now. I also work as a lecturer and trainer representing the Brands LesMills & Reebok. Besides sports, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Finance & Management and founded a company in the field of software development focusing on B2B business solutions that help companies to better connect their employees.

What’s my coaching style? I strive for perfection and see discipline as necessary for success. Strength to achieve my goals I get out of fun and passion. In every class I bring in some great contrast of working hard and enjoying the workout to the fullest. I want my clients to be successful in their own way. I like to bring in a great mix of a personal coach and a team captain. I believe working as a Team can unlock new potentials. Shoot for the Moon!

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Our Team

We are passionate about sports, nutrition and mental-wellbeing.

Being active is what unites us as a team. We do all kinds of sports - climbing, swimming, running, Yoga, HIIT, badminton, mountain biking, CrossFit, and we love that health and well-being has become our job. Meet the VIABZ team.