Strong Back, Core Fit, HIIT, Full Body Fit


Sport, movement, coordination - these three words not only describe my hobbies, but much more my entire attitude and philosophy towards life. To get the maximum out of myself, my body and my mind in every single training session, that is the demand I make on myself. I am always ready and willing to perform at my best. It is exactly this energy that I also transfer to my course participants by motivating them to extraordinary performances as well. Beginners as well as advanced athletes benefit from this attitude.

At the young age of 17, I already had the ambition to train in Group Fitness. Since then, I have taken every opportunity that comes my way to teach group classes. I enjoy being able to motivate people to achieve their goals. As a down-to-earth instructor, I make every participant feel comfortable. A healthy life with physical and mental fitness is the key to a happy life. I strongly believe in this and am willing to help others achieve it.

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Our Team

We are passionate about sports, nutrition and mental-wellbeing.

Being active is what unites us as a team. We do all kinds of sports - climbing, swimming, running, Yoga, HIIT, badminton, mountain biking, CrossFit, and we love that health and well-being has become our job. Meet the VIABZ team.