Somnologist and Psychotherapist FSP

Lic. Phil. Daniela Janssen-Müller

Lic. phil. Daniela Janssen studied psychology at the University of Zurich and worked in a sleep laboratory in the night service at the same time. The topic of sleep captured her interest in such a way that she returned to the topic of sleep after gaining experience in academic career counseling and in the school psychology service. In addition to training as a psychotherapist FSP with a cognitive-behavioral focus, she worked in various sleep clinics, where she assessed and treated adults, adolescents, and children with sleep disorders. She conducts seminars in companies on sleep, chronobiology, and shift work. Currently she works at the Zentrum für Schlafmedizin AG in Zollikon and is a psychotherapist in her own practice.

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Lic. Phil. Daniela Janssen-Müller

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