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Luna is from Ticino and has been living in Zurich for four years after moving to study food technology. Starting from her childhood, she developed a passion for both cooking and nature. Growing up, her passion became a deep interest for food itself, its ingredients and for the link with human health. Over the past years, she deepened her knowledge about physical health and food in the scientific context. Besides this, she has become increasingly attracted to the discovery of what is called “the true Self”. She approached the Yoga world and she understood that Yoga is one of many paths that a person can walk towards his or her personal growth and development for both body and mind. In 2017 she completed her training as a certified Yoga teacher and since then, she has been transmitting her passion to her students.“In this fast-paced, competitive and individualistic world, with my yoga classes I am aiming to create an uplifting and empowering environment for people”.

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