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For me, sport is more than just a way to stay fit. Sport gives me feelings of happiness, a place to recharge my batteries, relieve stress and a whole lot of passion. In addition to the classes I teach myself, I also train Crossfit 2-3/week to get to know my limits and never stop improving. The sport "robs" me of certain energy, but it gives me back much more. For me it is very important that the participants feel comfortable in the training and still leave their own comfort zone. From time to time a training may also "hurt" a bit! According to the motto: If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you!

What is my coaching style? Quality before quantity. For me, execution is the most important thing before weight, speed or number of repetitions come into play. I like to design my classes in an interval mode combined with 1-2 balance/stability exercises for everyday use. And of course burpees can't be missing... ;)

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Our Team

We are passionate about sports, nutrition and mental-wellbeing.

Being active is what unites us as a team. We do all kinds of sports - climbing, swimming, running, Yoga, HIIT, badminton, mountain biking, CrossFit, and we love that health and well-being has become our job. Meet the VIABZ team.