Core Fit, Body Toning, HIIT, Circle Training


I am Nadine, a real "bundle of energy". I keep myself in motion with various sports for already 8 years.
My great passion has always been fitness and health - over the last few years I have gained extensive experience and knowledge in many different areas. As a qualified fitness trainer, I subsequently put my theoretical and practical knowledge into practice as a personal trainer and as a sports coach for groups. I look forward to challenging sessions that are just as much fun and about every individual who decides to do something for their health!

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Our Team

We are passionate about sports, nutrition and mental-wellbeing.

Being active is what unites us as a team. We do all kinds of sports - climbing, swimming, running, Yoga, HIIT, badminton, mountain biking, CrossFit, and we love that health and well-being has become our job. Meet the VIABZ team.