Specialist in neurology and sleep medicine SGSSC

PD Dr. med. Rosita Neumann

PD Dr. med. Rositsa Neumann studied medicine in Bulgaria. In 2004, she came to Switzerland and worked at the University Hospital Zurich until 2019. There she conducted various studies in sleep medicine and thus obtained a doctorate in medicine and the title of private lecturer. Her research interests were primarily in the area of narcolepsy, Parkinson's disease, sleep and stroke, and effect of chronic sleep deprivation on decision-making behaviour and risk assessment. She also completed a research fellowship at the University of Chicago in 2007. She worked at the University Hospital Zurich at the Department of Neurology as a research physician, assistant physician, senior physician and finally also as deputy head of the departments of sleep medicine and electroencephalography and epilepsy. In 2019, Rositsa Neumann moved to the Centre for Sleep Medicine.

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PD Dr. med. Rosita Neumann

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