Psychologist, expert in stress, relaxation and mindfulness

Sandra Schwendener

Sandra Schwendener studied applied psychology with afocus on occupational and organisational psychology and trained as a medical relaxation specialist in the methods of medical progressive muscle relaxationand medical mindfulness meditation.

Health is her passion, because it is fundamental to our quality of life and our ability to be productive for the benefit of society. Therefore, Sandra Schwendener offers various services on the topics ofstress, recovery, relaxation, mindfulness and much more as part of herself-employment.  

She also has a lot of personal experience in the application of stress management strategies, relaxation techniques andmindfulness in every day life, etc. She therefore combines professional competence with personal experience in the topics she talks about.  

She also has many years of experience in psychiatry, in the field of applied psychological research, as well as in the occupational health management of a large health insurance company.

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Sandra Schwendener

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