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Born in the Grisons, stranded in the lowlands! My enthusiasm for sports runs through my life since childhood. At the age of 5 I hit my first tennis balls. Besides tennis I played table tennis and was in the competitive swimming team. To practice all sports at the same time and to go to school was a bit too much and I decided to play tennis, which I still do today - with some injury breaks. When I moved to the Zurich area because of my studies in business law, I visited more and more gyms and group fitness classes, where I discovered another passion of mine: group fitness! I wanted to pass on my motivation and therefore completed the training as a group fitness trainer with various styles in 2017 and have been teaching in the Winterthur and Zurich region since then. One thing leads to another - because the feeling of making people happy with fitness and nutrition tips is indescribable, which is why I studied to become a nutrition coach and a personal trainer to turn my hobby into my profession.

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Our Team

We are passionate about sports, nutrition and mental-wellbeing.

Being active is what unites us as a team. We do all kinds of sports - climbing, swimming, running, Yoga, HIIT, badminton, mountain biking, CrossFit, and we love that health and well-being has become our job. Meet the VIABZ team.