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WHM in 2022

The new hybrid work environment has made it more difficult to reach the employees with WHM measurements. That is why VIABZ has implemented a hybrid and holistic WHM approach.

We help you to create a WHM concept tailored for you needs and inclusive for employees across different age groups, fitness levels and work models.

What is WHM?

Health is the most precious human asset and forms the basis for physical and mental wellbeing. The goal of workplace health management (WHM) is therefore to design the framework conditions, structures and processes in a company in such a way that the health of employees is promoted during work. Through various measures, the employees of a company are enabled and motivated to behave in away that promotes health.

What is the difference between WHM and WHP?

Workplace health management (WHM) focuses on the processes, culture and leadership within companies as the basic construct for the health and wellbeing of employees.Workplace health promotion (WHP), on the other hand, focuses on the individuals within the company and their state of health. Workplace health promotion is therefore an essential component of comprehensive and systematic workplace health management in the company.

Why introduce WHM?

The world of work is characterised by constant change. Companies must remain flexible. Therefore, healthy and committed employees are the most important foundation for a successful company.

Healthy employees are less prone to absenteeism due to illness, which results in a multitude of benefits for the company. Health management measures improve the well-being of the workforce, increase their motivation and productivity.

WHM initiatives also have an influence on the image as an employer and thus contribute to employer branding. This not only helps to attract the best employees, but also to keep them in the company for as long as possible. Companies thus benefit in many ways from systematic workplace health management.

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Possible WHM measures

The spectrum of possible workplace health management measures is wide and there are few limits to creativity. What is important is that the measures are based on a systematic workplace health management concept.

For example, WHM measures can be divided into the following categories.

1. health-promoting organisational structures
Examples: Flexible working hours, ergonomic workplaces, rest room, healthy catering options.

2. health-promoting behaviour of managers
Examples: Training measures for managers, employee discussions, sick leave discussions, team-building measures.

3. health-promoting behaviour of employees
Examples: Company fitness, offers to promote physical activity, expert seminars on health topics, active breaks, health days.

4. occupational integration management / case management
Examples: Support meetings, insurance cover, defined and optimised integration processes, regular further training for managers and HR.

It quickly becomes clear how many possibilities there are to use measures to promote the health of employees. It is important to understand that the appropriate measures can be very different depending on the company. Since WHM measures are based on the correspondingly defined WHM goals and the target groups of employees and functions can also be very different, each company needs a combination of measures that is optimally suited to itself.
This allows for maximum effectiveness and optimal use of resources.

Finding the right way is not easy, but we at VIABZ are here to help you. We are happy to support you in optimising or fundamentally designing your BGM concept, defining goals, target groups and selecting measures. Or how about starting with acomprehensive assessment of your current situation? Let VIABZ Advice help you to raise your workplace health management to a new level.

Your WHM expert

Effective health promotion for your employees

During the last years we have supported companies of different sizes (50 to +10’000 employees) from different industries to foster a healthy lifestyle among their employees.

Benefits for companies

VIABZ promotes a healthy and active lifestyle within your company.  This results in measurable benefits for your company.

Less sick days

Healthy employees are less prone to health related absences. Reducing sick days can save up to 8'000 CHF per employee per year.

Increased engagement

Corporate wellbeing initiatives increase the engagement of your workforce. Employees are motivated and more productive.

Improved employer branding

Being a great employer pays off in the fierce fight for talent. Corporate wellbeing initiatives can help you stand out from the crowd and hire the best employees.

Reduced turnover

Employees that are feel taken care of are less prone to leaving the company. Increasing employee retention and reducing turnover can save up to 300'000 CHF per year.

Feedback from our clients

Our clients appreciate
our approach.

We focus on the needs of our customers by delivering a full service package. That means your HR team will not have much work when implementing our services. We provide everything necessary to launch, maintain and evaluate our services. Lean back and let us take care of your employees and help them improve their wellbeing.

Kanton Solothurn
Kanton Basel
Kantonnsspital Baselland
Katja Lukas

Coordinator Fitness Region Zug


VIABZ provided their trainers for the opening of our new fitness room at the Zug site and trained over 600 employees in the safe use of the training equipment. Our employees were very happy about this professional introduction.

Alexandra Bron

Executive Assistant CEO


For more than two years, VIABZ has offered different sports lessons for our employees at the Zurich site. They have great coaches who make an important contribution to the well-being of our employees through their outstanding expertise and, above all, their joy in coaching.

Manuel Portmann

Head of HR and Services corporate sites Switzerland


VIABZ helped us in the last pandemic months to keep our employees not only physically but also mentally fit. Through innovative services such as the Team Challenge and efficient, professional cooperation and support, it is really fun to have VIABZ as a health partner.

Ursula Erhart

Head of HR & Training


We are excited about the VIABZ online sports offering and the ability to train at home or wherever. Live or on-demand. Training 2.0 😉. The VIABZ Academy webinars are also generating a lot of interest among our 550 colleagues. Health promotion is fun!

Edina Strebel

Program Management BGM

Health Departement Basel-Stadt

After using VIABZ as a short bridging measure for home office time in lockdown, the response to the online training offering was so positive that we are now making it available as a permanent offering for our employees.

Ann-Kathrin Greutmann

Responsible Health Management

Zürcher Kantonalbank

Together with our professional partner in the field of health - VIABZ - we have launched our fitness room "trainHARD", in the middle of our office premises in the Hard. Top trainers offer workouts over lunch and in the evening. Very inspiring and appreciated! Because the health of our employees is our most valuable asset!

Feedback from the active employees

More than just a digital platform

We focus on human interaction. There is always a coach behind the content we provide. This creates the necessary trust for your employees to share and engage with our platform.

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Robin Mentha

Very impressed by the quality and variety of the training exercises on livestream. Competent, upbeat and smiling coaches. A big thank you to all of you @viAbz!

Sujeong Kim

Viabz listens to the customer and always tries to integrate the customer's feedback. The teachers are professional and very motivated. Especially during the Corona crisis, Viabz offered live-online sports and it was very nice to train together! Plus, live-online course was working very well. Thank you so much!

Kira Oberbossel

Großartig. VIABZ hat mich erfolgreich durch den Corona-Winter gebracht :-D. Sport in meinem Wohnzimmer geht eigentlich gar nicht für mich, aber die Livesessions mit VIABZ können da doch tatsächlich den Unterschied machen. Coole Coaches und tolle Atmosphäre. Danke VIABZ und ich bin sehr aufs Sommerprogramm gespannt

Paula Szerman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value Great offer! (on site as well as online), very professional and motivated instructors.

Markus J

I can highly recommend VIABZ for all companies. They have organized and conducted sports lessons and lectures at our company. The trainers are very professional and respond to the needs of the participants. This makes sports fun. Keep it up!

Matthias Pfander

Super offer! Very well structured - and perfect in Corona times!

What makes us special

Here is why you should chose VIABZ as your WHM partner.

Simple, effective and innovative

Our platform is very user-friendly and straightforward. VIABZ services show a high and long-term engagement rate. We have the ability to adapt to new conditions fast and constantly evolve our services to reach highest quality.

Inclusive for all employees

The inclusiveness of our services is very important for us. We offer something for every fitness level, age group and preference. Additionally, you have access to our services from everywhere at any time - VIABZ is designed for the hybrid work environment.  

Resource-saving and budget-friendly

We take care of the organization and communication, so you can use your times for other projects. With VIABZ your budget is efficently used for the health of your employees.

Healthy and happy employees

Your workforce is the most important asset. Therefore investing in its health is key for your company's success. VIABZ establishes an active and healthy lifestyle in your corporate culture.

This is VIABZ

Holistic Approach
to Health & Corporate Wellbeing.